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588 AM Service - Tickhill to McAuley School

This route starts on 3rd September 2017

Please note this service only run on school days not Non Schools Day or Saturday.

This service is open to all travelling passengers

We charge a flat fee of £1.50 per journey


Stopping point Time
Tickhill, Worksop Rd / Rotherham RD 07:40
Tickhill, Wong Lane / Crown Rd 07:43
Tickhill, Alderson Dr / Beech Ave 07:47
Tickhill, Rock House 07:51
Bawtry, Station Rd 07:56
Austerfield, High St / Pilgrim Rise 08:00
Auckley, Main St 08:12
Branton, Three Horseshoes 08:14
Cantley, Cantley Lane / McAuley Upper 08:17
Cantley, Birch Rd / Acacia Rd - McAuley Lower 08:19

We aim to provide information which is as accurate as possible. We cannot accept responsibility for errors, or for any service that does not operate to the times shown.

Route Description: 

(Tickhill), Worksop Rd,Rotherham RD, Wong Lane, Wilsic Rd, Mangham Lane, North Gate, Common Lane, Alderson Drive, Sunderland St, Bawtry Rd, Tickhill Rd, (Bawtry) High Str, Station Rd, Thorne Rd, Bawtry Rd (Austerfield), High St, Thorne Rd, High Common Lane, Great North Rd, Hurst Lane, (Auckley), Main St, New Rd, Doncaster Rd, Moor Gap, Sandpit Hill, Doncaster Rd, Cantley Lane, The McAuley Upper School, Cantley Lane, Birch Rd, Acacia Rd, The McAuley Lower School

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