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683 - Ecclesfield to Thomas Rotherham College

This route starts on 8th January 2018

Please note this service only runs on school days not Non Schools Day or Saturday

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This service is open to all travelling passengers.

We charge a flat fee of £1.50 per journey.

Route Summary

  • Upper Wortley Road / Grange Lane
  • Chapeltown Market Place
  • Blackburn Drive / Warrall Road
  • Wortley Road / Westwood Road
  • Chapeltown Market Place
  • Green Lane
  • Shiregreen Lane / Hindhouse School
  • Jenkin Road / Meadowhall Road
  • Sheffield Road / Magna
  • Thomas Rotherham College

We aim to provide information which is as accurate as possible. We cannot accept responsibility for errors, or for any service that does not operate to the times shown.

Route Description: 

Upper Wortley Road, Cowley Hill, Cowley Lane, Burncross Road, Blackburn Drive, Warrall Road, Greengate Lane, Foster Way, Thompson Hill, Worley Road, Mortomley Lane, Lond Side, Ecclesfield Road, Green Lane, Bellhouse Road, Shiregreen Lane, Jenkin Road, Meadowhall Road, Sheffield Road, Alma Road, Moorgate Road To Thomas Rotherham College

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