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18 Doncaster - Dinnington - Doncaster

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Route Summary

  • Doncaster
  • Edlington
  • Braithwell
  • Maltby
  • Bramley
  • Thurcroft
  • Dinnington

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Route Description: 

Doncaster to Dinnington

Doncaster, Frenchgate Interchange --> Trafford Way --> Cleveland Street --> Balby Road

Balby --> High Road --> Warmsworth Road

Warmsworth High Road --> Edlington Lane

Edlington Long Leys Lane

Braithwell Doncaster Road --> High Street --> Holywell Lane --> Fish Pond Lane

Maltby Grange Lane --> High Street --> Rotherham Road

Hellaby Bawtry Road

Bramley Flash Lane --> Sandy Lane --> Kingsforth Lane --> Thurcroft --> Woodhouse Green --> Katherine Road --> Green Arbour Road --> School Road --> Laughton Road

Laughton-en-le-Morthen High Street --> St Johns Road --> Breck Lane --> Undergate Road --> Dinnington, Interchange

Dinnington to Doncaster

Dinnington, Interchange Laughton Road --> New Street --> Lordens Hill --> Doe Quarry Lane --> Laughton Road --> Breck Lane

Laughton-en-le-Morthen St Johns Road --> High Street

Thurcroft Rotherham Lane --> Laughton Road --> School Road --> Green Arbour Road --> Katherine Road --> Woodhouse Green --> Kingsforth Lane

Bramley Sandy Lane --> Flash Lane --> Bawtry Road

Hellaby Rotherham Road

Maltby High Street --> Grange Lane

Braithwell Fish Pond Lane --> Holywell Lane --> Doncaster Road

Edlington Long Leys Lane --> Edlington Lane

Warmsworth High Road

Balby Warmsworth Road --> High Road --> Balby Road --> Cleveland Street --> Duke Street --> Trafford Way --> Doncaster, Frenchgate Interchange

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